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Holiday Gift Wrapping at Barnes and Noble

Once again, Cancer Support Community Eastern NC volunteers will be available to wrap your Barnes and Noble purchases this holiday season. The Barnes and Noble Bookseller is located at 3040 Evans Street in Greenville (in the Target shopping center).

We will be happy to wrap your gifts from 10am to closing on the following dates:

  • Sunday, December 7th
  • Friday, December 12th
  • Saturday, December 13th
  • Sunday, December 14th
  • Friday, December 19th

Please stop by! If you would like to help in wrapping packages, please use the contact us form on this website.

Frankly Speaking About Cancer ~ Cost of Cancer Care

Frankly Speaking about the Cost of Cancer Care will be presented in full on October 29th. Originally scheduled to be two parts, inclement weather last week has caused us to offer the information from both sessions on the 29th.

Session begin at 1:45pm and end at 4:00pm.

The presenter will be Social Worker, Ginny Jackson, and others from the Leo Jenkins Cancer Center.

Registration and refreshments begin at 1:15.

Hearing that you or someone you love has cancer can be overwhelming. Questions abound: Will I (or my loved one) survive? How will my family be affected? Will my insurance cover my care? Will I be able to work through treatment or will I need to take time off from work? Will my family be burdened with huge expenses? Having a plan to deal with these questions is vital. It’s hard to talk about money. However, having open conversations about money and the cost of cancer care can help you become better informed about your options for help. You may be able to reduce the financial impact of treating a cancer diagnosis. This workshop will cover: how to gather cost information, health insurance, the Affordable Health Care Act, employment, disability and finance, prescription medications, Medicare/Medicaid, and identify helpful resources.

For more details and registration, call 252-493-6493 and leave a message or visit This program is provided through a grant from Lilly.

Download the Cost of Care Flyer by clicking on the link. (Please disable any pup-up blockers as the PDF Flyer will appear in a new window)

Why we need a CSCENC Clubhouse

Jeannine & David Poythress
Cancer Survivors

by Jeannine Poythress, caregiver

Cancer. It is the word you hear that sends this sick feeling to the  pit of your stomach. I will never forget that day. It takes you back  a few steps. You wonder how you will cope.

On March 1st, 2010, I heard those words. “Your husband, David,  has cancer.” I said, are you sure? The answer was yes. On that  day we began to maneuver this disease called cancer. I felt  afraid and unsure. Will I be able to take in all the information and  somehow make sense of it all? Who would I have to talk with?  Who would be there for me when I had questions? How would I  be able to advocate for my husband the resources he needed?

During David’s treatment and survivorship, we relied on the  resources and programs available to us through the Leo Jenkins  Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society McConnell – Rabb Hope Lodge. When I heard there was an opportunity to  support the Cancer Support Community of Eastern North  Carolina, I was grateful.

Finally, a one stop shop to provide support, answer a multitude of  questions, and provide beneficial programs on nutrition, exercise,  financial assistance, and continuity of care.

My husband and I would benefit from activities to help keep the  mind strong and focused. We believe other cancer survivors and  family members will get support from a place to ask questions  with caring individuals who would understand. Support groups  allow us to be able to share feelings in a safe place. It is a  blessing to be among people with a common ground.

Cancer support programs do just that; bring people together  battling cancer to a common ground. A friend once told me,  “Sometimes life throws us a curve ball.” It’s nice to know there  are programs available that offer support and resources when the  unexpected happens. Thankfully, my husband is a four year  cancer survivor.

However; even now I can use and value a place where cancer  patients and their families can receive the care and support they  so richly deserve and need. A caring environment goes a long  way in the healing process for cancer patients and caregivers.

Amazon Smile Program

You can help Cancer Support Community Eastern NC by designating us as a charity of your choice through the Amazon Smile program.

It’s easy to do.  Just sign into your Amazon account through the link The first time you do, you will be asked to designate a charity. Type in “Cancer Support Community Eastern NC, Inc”.  in the lower search box.  The location of “Cancer Support Community Eastern NC, Inc” is Winterville, NC.

Once designated, Amazon will donate a small portion of your qualifying purchase each and every time you sign in through the smile link… and it costs you nothing extra! If you forget to sign in through that link, amazon will even remind you!

Thank you for your support!


Frankly Speaking about Lung Cancer

This free, two-hour workshop will cover the latest treatments for lung cancer. Expert panelists will also discuss side effects, side-effect management, and tools to overcome the social and emotional challenges of the diagnosis. We hope to answer many of your questions about lung cancer to help you (or your loved one) manage the disease more successfully.

Featured speakers include:
Paul Walker, M.D., FAOC

The date is Monday, September 22, 2014, from 6:30 PM to  8:30 PM at the Carolina Breast Imaging, located at  990 Johns Hopkins Drive, Greenville, NC. For more details and registration, (252) 493-6493 and leave a message or

This program is provided through unrestricted educational grant from Lilly

Download the Flyer Lung Cancer Flyer  (Please disable any pop up blockers, as the PDF will appear in a new window)

Breast Reconstruction

This free workshop will have information on breast reconstruction after a breast cancer diagnosis. Join us to learn more about:

  • Breast reconstruction and non-reconstruction options
  • How to make a decision that is right for you
  • Medical factors that can influence your decision
  • How to prepare for and what to expect after surgery

The workshop will be held at Carolina Breast Imaging, located at 990 Johns Hopkins Drive, Greenville, NC, on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Featured speakers will include Plastic Surgeon, Lynn Garrison, M.D.

For more details and registration, call (252) 493-6493 and leave a message or visit This program was made possible with a charitable contribution from Mentor Worldwide, LLC.

Download the Flyer  Breast Reconstruction Flyer (Please disable any pop up blockers, as the PDF will appear in a new window)

Survivors’ Day

The annual celebration for survivors, family members and caregivers will be held on Thursday June 19th from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the 5 Points Plaza in Uptown Greenville

This event, sponsored by the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center (LWJCC), has taken place over a number of years. But this year Survivor’s Day is getting a whole new look! The event, long held at LWJCC, is moving downtown where, not only will there be more space, but holding the event downtown will also remind people that Survivors Day is for all survivors, no matter where they received their treatment. Continue reading

New Members of CSCENC Board of Directors

We are delighted to welcome Michelle Baker and Holly Parrott Hill to the Board of Directors.

Michelle Baker joined us in January, 2014 and brings a strong financial background to the Board. A graduate of Strayer University, Ashburn, VA, with a degree in Accounting, she has experience as an Account Analyst, Accountant, Account Manager, Relationship Manager, in Department Relations and Business Development.

Holly Parrott Hill joined us in March, 2014 and brings to the Board her experience in community outreach, program development, and training. She has a MA degree in Health Communication from East Carolina University and a BA in Arts in Communication Studies from UNC-Wilmington. She is the Cancer Survivorship Program Coordinator for Brody School of Medicine at ECU Department of Oncology.

Upcoming Events

Frankly Speaking Series coming in September and October.

CSCENC will hold a series of Frankly Speaking About Cancer workshops. These workshops, as are services provided by CSCENC, are free of charge. More information will be provided closer to the presentation date. The topics to be covered are:

Coping with the Cost of Care: A workshop for those living with cancer and their loved ones. Practical advice will be provided on how to deal with the complex challenges in managing the cost of cancer care and will include information about the Affordable Health Care Act.

Lung Cancer: This workshop will discuss the latest treatments for lung cancer. Discussion will include information on the side-effects and how to manage them. Tools will be presented to assist with the social and emotional challenges of the disease.

Breast Reconstruction: Information on breast reconstruction will be presented and will include some reconstruction and non-reconstruction options available. Additionally, information will be provided about how to make the best decisions for yourself, identify medical factors that influence decisions, how to prepare for surgery and what you can expect after surgery.