Frankly Speaking About Cancer ~ Cost of Cancer Care

Frankly Speaking about the Cost of Cancer Care will be presented in full on October 29th. Originally scheduled to be two parts, inclement weather last week has caused us to offer the information from both sessions on the 29th.

Session begin at 1:45pm and end at 4:00pm.

The presenter will be Social Worker, Ginny Jackson, and others from the Leo Jenkins Cancer Center.

Registration and refreshments begin at 1:15.

Hearing that you or someone you love has cancer can be overwhelming. Questions abound: Will I (or my loved one) survive? How will my family be affected? Will my insurance cover my care? Will I be able to work through treatment or will I need to take time off from work? Will my family be burdened with huge expenses? Having a plan to deal with these questions is vital. It’s hard to talk about money. However, having open conversations about money and the cost of cancer care can help you become better informed about your options for help. You may be able to reduce the financial impact of treating a cancer diagnosis. This workshop will cover: how to gather cost information, health insurance, the Affordable Health Care Act, employment, disability and finance, prescription medications, Medicare/Medicaid, and identify helpful resources.

For more details and registration, call 252-493-6493 and leave a message or visit This program is provided through a grant from Lilly.

Download the Cost of Care Flyer by clicking on the link. (Please disable any pup-up blockers as the PDF Flyer will appear in a new window)