Jay Lockaby, Cancer Support Community (CSC) Senior VP will visit Greenville

We are pleased to announce that Jay Lockaby, Senior Vice President of Affiliate Relations and Strategic Growth at the International Headquarters of the Cancer Support Community (CSC) will be visiting Greenville, NC on September 20 through 22nd.

Cancer Support Community , a national and international 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, is the leading world-wide provider of professionally led non-profit cancer support and has more than 50 affiliated organizations and over 170 locations throughout the country and the world.

For more than 30 years, the CSC network has ensured that those impacted by cancer do not have to face it alone. Last year, CSC touched the lives of over one million people. All CSC services are provided at no charge to those facing cancer.

The purpose of the Cancer Support Community Eastern North Carolina (CSCENC) is to build and staff the first Cancer Support Community program in North Carolina. We will initially be located in Greenville, but in time will expand to serve those dealing with cancer in surrounding counties. We will work collaboratively with all healthcare providers and will serve those with any cancer diagnosis; we will serve patients, family members, friends and caregivers; adults, teens and children; we will serve those in treatment and those no longer in treatment. Additionally, we will coordinate with other organizations serving cancer patients to prevent duplication and to ensure that needed services, not traditionally offered, are implemented.

We are grateful for the support and guidance we are receiving from CSC’s international headquarters. And appreciate the expertise Mr. Lockaby has and will share with the CSCENC Board of Directors.

Jay Lockaby has 25 years’ experience in the non-profit sector, primarily in management, fundraising and board of director collaboration. He was previously the CEO of the CSC Florida Suncoast affiliate which distinguished itself by developing a Gold LEED Certified model facility.

He is a 1992 graduate of Emory University where he was a 5-time NCAA All-American in swimming. He holds Masters degrees in Social Service and Law and Social Policy from Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Mr Lockaby is married and has two children.