Naming Opportunities

A number of clubhouse naming opportunities have been identified. Please contact us if you have other suggestions.

$1,000,000      Entrance
$500,000         Foyer or Murals
$250,000         Community Room
$250,000         Administrative Area
150,000         Main Entrance Sign
$150,000         Kitchen
$125,000         Library
$100,000         Living Room
$100,000         Noogieland (Children’s Area)
$75,000           Family Focus (Conference) Room
$75,000           Arts & Crafts Workshop
$50,000           Reception Area
$25,000           Group Rooms (each)
$25,000           It’s Always Something Room – Donated by Claudia Sundman to be    dedicated to the memory of P. Roger Sundman

Note: Recognition of donors will be in accordance with Cancer Support Community guidelines. Because the Club environment is designed to be warm, welcoming, and home-like, we recognize our donors in a variety of creative ways developed in consultation with donors themselves. We also include recognition in newsletters, special award ceremonies, listings on this web site and in the annual report.